How to Build a Purpose Driven Tech Biz with Kate Milliken

Life deals us a curveball - how do we react to it? Some of the best entrepreneurial businesses are born when entrepreneurs live a problem and set themselves to find a solution. Kate Milliken (@katermilliken) was diagnosed with MS at 35. She could tough it out through the physical symptoms but she felt a deep loneliness and the need for a peer group to share her experiences with. Kate set about documenting her own journey through MS and built MyCounterpane ( - a platform for patients suffering from chronic illness to share their stories with other patients and caregivers. She invested in her idea, raised crowdfunding through Indiegogo (@indiegogo), joined an incubator and off she went. Through all the roadbumps of running a tech startup and of course dealing with MS, Kate fought her way onwards & upwards. Listen to Kate's story and her learnings in this podcast episode 23.

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