Why You Can Take More Risk with Professor Mihir Desai

The right schools, colleges and graduate schools. Jobs in tech, banking and consulting. Are the sum of these experiences breeding risk aversion? How should we think about entrepreneurship and not just follow the herd? Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School Professor and co-host of Harvard Business Review's (@harvard_business_review) After Hours podcast, Mihir Desai talks to us about risk and how each of us should understand it and apply it to our life decisions. Mihir discusses how we should value ourselves and our skills and how to think about business, savings, risk and investing. Listen to his advice in this insightful conversation. Learn more about Mihir Desai (@desaimihira on Twitter and LinkedIn) and check out his books The Wisdom of Finance and How Finance Works. Subscribe to The IdeaMix Life Hustle and stay tuned for our weekly episodes.

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